As a coach, I'm here to help you move thru the discomforts of change as we navigate to achieve your goals. Although I use the same tools and techniques across all my clients, I make each program about you–adjusting to your goals, needs, and life.

Do you look in the mirror and hope for change but at a loss for how to start? Do you long for more joy? Are the stresses of life holding you back from experiencing the good around you? 

If so, let's chat and discover how to move you towards the life you imagine. 

Small actions create big changes.

Move thru weekly one on one 45 minute sessions, to discuss current obstacles and learn new techniques each week on how to overcome them. Each tailored to your own needs! 

I can help you move thru your fears and limiting beliefs in 6-12 weeks.


I am a firm believer that movement is medicine, and dance is healing. Through the different types of exploratory dance classes I've crafted, you will begin to learn to heal and enjoy your body through movement, all while building strength and having fun. 

Here are the types of exploratory dance classes available:

Move Thru Mindfully:

A movement meditation class. Build confidence as you strengthen the relationship between your breath, body and mind.   Let go of your stress by bringing your full awareness into the present moment. Learn how to relax your mind and connect to your body through guided breath work, mindful exercises and a range of improvisational movements.  Increase your focus and clarity and release those thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving you. 

Move Thru Strength:

Increase your confidence as you strengthen the relationship between your body and mind. Learn how to combine dance, yoga and improvisational movement techniques to increase your balance and strength.   Harness your energy while exploring new ideas. You are stronger than you think! 

Move Thru Authentically:

Learn how to connect movement to memory through a series of repetition. Remove limitations, take risks, explore telling a story physically through dance. Discover a new way to release your emotions through exercise and connect to self.  Unleash the dancer in you!


Each movement class is designed to encourage members to Move Thru the discomfort and the inner chatter that hinders creativity and creates stress. Through, dance, improvisational games, techniques and team building exercises,  participants will learn ways to reduce stress, improve focus, attention and memory and strengthen their body and minds.