"I started my 12-week course with my health coach, Alexia, in November of 2021. At the time, I weighed just over 160 pounds and was trying any and every fad diet known. I had a terrible relationship with food, poor eating habits, and a desire to work-out but no discipline or knowledge to do so. During my discovery discussion with Alexia, she was able to pin-point my priorities and we worked through them. Through the process, I was able to learn the importance of anchors, breathing exercises, meditation, and locating stress factors.  In short, I have been able to lose some extra pounds, weighing in at 153 now; however, I walked away from the course with valuable lessons that exceed much more than just the weight on the scale. Each session, Alexia brought more and more value to my daily routine and reprogrammed my brain to think positively about the foods I eat. I have since been able to think of food as an energy source, and I thoroughly enjoy identifying and eating foods that give me energy! I also committed to myself to make movement a priority in my day and have enjoyed getting to learn different workouts at the gym. Meditation has also become an instrumental part of my routine. Thank you, Coach Alexia!"  


"I loved working with Alexia. She is so welcoming and wonderful to work with. She is so encouraging and was very engaging. We were able to relate on so many things. I had a blast working with her and I will definitely work with her in the near future."


"I was skeptical of the benefits of life coaching until I tried it myself. Working with Alexia has truly changed my life and how I mentally operate. For the first  time in a long time...I am in charge of my own life and happiness. "


"Alexia did a great job of coaching me She listened to me and offered suggestions and encouragement. Her pace and tone of voice were relaxed and helpful."


"Watching Alexia dance is great, but observing her teach is a captivating experience within itself. She doesn't just teach the moves and the technique, but she speaks on individuality & puts heavy emphasis on the why & the emotional journey one must go through as a performer of the choreography. Her thorough direction, relatable personal anecdotes, and humble attitude makes her stand out from the rest. She has this aura about her that is just contagious and she defies the old saying, "If one can't do, then teach," because she most certainly can and has mastered both."


"Alexia has authentic positive energy. She has a calming voice and is easy to talk to."


"She creates a learning environment that is an interactive communication where both the educator and students offer ideas and input. Alexia understands that there is not one instructional method that works for all students. She eliminates competition and judgment and rewards excellence. By doing this, she communicates to students that they are valued and have distinctive gifts to contribute to the art forum. "